During the ride to altitude, relax and enjoy the view and the company. If you want to think about your dive, it is a helpful learning technique to visualize, but remember to take time to relax as well. Before exit, your instructor will verbally review the dive with you and give you your final gear check. Then you are ready for climbout!

Be mindful when moving about the aircraft: you have an eight inch thick pack on your back. Not only do you want to avoid snagging or bumping controls of the plane, you also want to protect your gear. Touching your main, cutaway, then reserve handles after moving around and before exit is a good practice not only for double checking gear but also for developing muscle memory for EP (emergency procedures).

The FAA requires that seatbelts be worn for take off and landing. There may also be a drop zone policy for wearing your helmet as well. Keep your seatbelt and helmet on until your instructor tells you to take them off.



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