If winds are on the stronger side, your canopy may want to stay inflated even after your feet touch the ground. Your parachute may pull you backward as it catches the wind.

If you need to collapse your canopy quickly, as soon as your feet touch the ground, let go of one toggle, turn around 180 quickly to face your parachute and pull on the other toggle. Keep reeling the steering line in above the toggle until the whole side of your canopy has collapsed.

As soon as you gain control, walk around to the downwind side of your canopy to gather it. You will have an easier time controlling it from this side.

As a last resort or if injured, you can cut away the canopy so that it won't drag you, but wait for assistance before walking anywhere.

Round canopy (reserve use only)

Round canopies have vents in the rear to enable forward speed, less than 10 mph. You can steer the canopy using the back risers or, if rigged on two risers only, the steering lines. You do this by steering across or with the direction of the wind toward a clear area. At 200 to 300 feet before landing, steer into the wind and continue steering to avoid obstacles. Use a PLF for landing.



Take care of your gear ... it takes care of you!


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