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When you are first learning to skydive, the amount of knowledge presented may seem overwhelming. You may feel like you are taking a drink from a firehose.

This online ground school is designed as a tool to make sense of it all, allow for self study, and enhance the experience--and for instructors, it can provide a solid, consistent resource that saves you precious time at the drop zone during good weather!

But remember: this should be used with teamwork in mind. Students must use this material in conjunction with a USPA Instructor.

For students making their first solo, when you see this icon:

you are on a page that is relevant to you. If you do not see

the icon, you will cover the material later while working on additional skills and knowledge that will be required for your USPA A license.

The menu at the top is also color coded to help you find your way to First Solo information. Use the items in WHITE that turn orange when you hover over them, and leave the blue ones for later.


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