AAD ...

Your AAD is the Automatic Activation Device.

These units are designed to sense barometric pressure so they know altitude and descent rate. If it senses you are too low and too fast, it may activate your reserve at an altitude determined by the manufacturer and model. It cannot cut away a main canopy.

The display unit

is the interface you

see on the outside

of the container,

where you can turn

the unit on and off.

The battery pack and "brains" of the AAD are stored inside the container.

The cutter is the component that cuts the reserve loop to free the pilot chute so it can start the deployment of the reserve.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? If you have a malfunction your reserve could be activated for you, even if you have not pulled any handles. DOES THAT MEAN YOU DON'T HAVE TO PULL THE RESERVE HANDLE? Absolutely NOT! You MUST make sure you have a parachute manually to ensure you follow every effort to save your own life!

There are situations where the AAD will not work.

The parameters of the device have to have been met, such as altitude and speed. Even if the AAD cuts the loop, it only starts the process, it does not deploy the parachute. It also cannot cut away a main parachute, so there is a possibility of entanglement if you have a malfunction and do not cut away before you deploy your reserve.

It's important to realize the limitations of this safety feature, but also be reassured that an extra backup can be the difference between life and death in some situations.



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