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Jump run is the term used to describe the flight path of the airplane just before exit. Usually jump run is crosswind to allow for a cone of opportunity to faciliate all the skydivers to make the intended landing area.

In planning for spotting, you should have a pre-flight briefing with the pilot to discuss the desired jump run and exit points. Then in the plane while on jump run, you can guide the pilot using predetermined hand signals or in some aircraft by a light system. You need to verify that the area below is clear of clouds and other aircraft before jumping. To effectively look below for other aircraft and clouds, you must get your head completely outside the aircraft.

How do you know where you are above the ground?

During jump run, get your head out and look straight down from the aircraft. Take a line of sight from the horizon looking forward. Then take line of a sight from the horizon looking abreast. When you draw those two perpendicular lines in your imagination, where they meet is "straight below."

How do you know where you are going?

Do the above and find one point, what "straight below" is. Now, wait a few seconds, and do it again. Now you have TWO points. If you draw another imaginary line connecting those two, you can trace the path the airplane is travel. Does it match the jump run you wanted? If not, communicate to the pilot how you want to adjust flight.



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