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Anytime under canopy that you are sideways to the wind, or crosswind, you are crabbing under canopy.

Air Speed is the velocity at which you are moving in the air irrespective of the ground below you. This is determined by the canopy you are jumping and your weight. A heavier loaded canopy has a faster air speed than a lighter loaded canopy.

Ground Speed is how fast you are moving across the ground. It is a combination of air speed and wind. When you are crabbing, your ground speed will be mixed because you have the wind cross to you. In this case, your ground speed is determined by what angle you take into or with the predominant direction of the wind. Notice you will not be traveling across the ground the direction you are facing. Much like a boat crossing a river with a current, your canopy will drift with the wind. Knowing this, you can set an angle slightly into the wind to create your desired direction of travel across the ground. In stronger winds, your crab angle has to be greater to adjust for how the winds affect you. In lighter winds, sometimes crabbing is imperceptible.

On your pattern for landing, you are crabbing on the base leg.


When you fly your canopy CROSS TO THE WIND it's called CRABBING.

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